USER CUSTOMER. - It is the individual or individuals who, when visiting any of the destinations where THE COMPANY operates, use their intermediary services through the on-line booking engine, through call centers, assisted sales and/or representatives at destination, in order to acquire, book and carry out tourist experiences directly provided by the Supplier.
* (Customer or User hereinafter referred to as “You”).

OPERATORY AND RECEPTIVE COMPANY. - The Company (Redsa Travel Operadora Turística, S.A. DE C.V.) is responsible for all the reservations of activities and transfers in Mexico, (National level) and those who hire and/or act as intermediaries through its reservation services, offering the tourist services provided directly by the Provider for the benefit of the Client-User, (Redsa Travel Operadora Turística, S.A. DE C.V.) Travel hereinafter referred to as “THE COMPANY”).
SUPPLIERS . - Company called as a natural or legal person that facilitates and provides directly the tourist experiences to the Client-User, hired, reserved or acquired by the latter through the intermediation of THE COMPANY.


You declare under protest to tell the truth, appearing in your own personal right, and/or through your legal representative, that you are a natural or legal person, of legal age, capable, and with sufficient means or financial capacity to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, as well as interested in acquiring the brokerage and reservation services specified herein, and that this appeals to THE COMPANY to the effect that it acts as a mere intermediary between You and the Suppliers direct providers of tourist services.

You declare under protest to tell the truth, that you acknowledge that the services provided by THE COMPANY, consist ONLY AND EXLUSIVELY IN INTERMEDIATION BETWEEN YOU AND THE DIRECT PROVIDER OF THE SERVICES. Redsa Travel Operadora Turística, S.A. DE C.V., declares to be a company duly constituted under Mexican law. (b) It has been authorized by the Ministry of Tourism to provide tour operator service, and is also registered with the tax authorities under the Federal Taxpayers Registry number RTO200728GH3.(c) That his domicile is located at Av. Labna #55, SM 20, Mza. 14, Lt. 73C Int. First and Second Floors (B and C) Cancun, Benito Juarez, Quintana Roo, Mexico, P.O. Box 77500. (d) That, for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, acts only as INTERMEDIARY between You and the Providers of said tourist services and that, for this purpose, has the technical and administrative capacity, as well as the material and human elements necessary to book on Your behalf and at Your request the services referred to in these Terms and Conditions. (e) That based on the above Statements, You accept these Terms and Conditions.
Statements above, you accept these Terms and Conditions.

OBJECT. - The object consists of the INTERMEDIATION that will exist between THE COMPANY, You and the Suppliers, where THE COMPANY, for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, will act solely and exclusively as INTERMEDIARIES, providing in a more non-exhaustive way, the service of reservation of land transportation and reservation of tourist attractions among others. Thus, once the reservations are confirmed to you by THE COMPANY containing the tourist services chosen by you (according to your availability), it will be concluded with the provision of the intermediary service by THE COMPANY, since these tourist services will be provided to you directly by the Suppliers.

At the time of booking, you authorize us in writing and/or verbally to use your credit card number to make your payment and expressly confirm that you are aware of and accept these Terms and Conditions, as well as the privacy policy of THE COMPANY. All reservations are subject to availability at the time of processing your request. Availability cannot be guaranteed until full payment has been received. To present yourself for your service, the Provider will ask you for an Official Identification on behalf of the person from whom the reservation is made in order to avoid mishap, you can show your itinerary when requesting your paid service or printed confirmation. If you wish to change or cancel your reservation, you must contact THE COMPANY, for which a Sales Representative will assist you to provide your reservation number. THE COMPANY suggests that you read carefully the clause corresponding to CANCELLATION POLICIES. Any booking confirmed by THE COMPANY provides a confirmation number which you must have at your fingertips.
THE COMPANY will immediately charge the credit card details provided by you the amount corresponding to your reservation and any other charges for this purpose, provided that the status of your reservation shows that it is confirmed and will appear on your statement of account with the caption: “REDSA TRAVEL.” For payment of your reservation we accept Visa, Master Card and American Express credit cards.For more information please contact one of our Sales Representatives. The rates published on our site are quoted in various types of currencies, which are duly specified at the time. However, it will be charged in Mexican Pesos and US Dollars depending on the settlement. Please note that the amount that will appear on your credit card payment receipt may vary due to international currency exchange rate fluctuations. THE COMPANY is not responsible for such fluctuation. You acknowledge that you have been informed of the exchange rate fluctuation and agree to the corresponding charge in Mexican Pesos and American Dollars. If you require a tax invoice, please log into the e-invoicing league that is sent in your itinerary confirmation or request it from a Sales Representative. It should be mentioned that for tax reasons the invoices will be drawn up after the payment has been made or after having enjoyed the service (s) reserved.

CANCELLATION POLICY. - Any request for cancellation must be informed by you to THE COMPANY mentioning your reservation number.
In case of no-show, this will not be reimbursed. Any cancellation must be notified to REDSA TRAVEL with a minimum of 24 hours and your reservation number. No refund or coupon replacement will be delivered without original coupon. Cancellations made by third parties will not be accepted. Cancellations due to sickness will only be accepted without exception with medical evidence, professional ID and signature of the doctor certifying the incapacity. Reimbursement will be made only to the person presenting the medical prescription. In the case of groups, it will apply the same policy.In some ecological reserves and/or national parks, additional local taxes, fees and/or contributions are charged, not included in the value of the service shown on the voucher. In such cases, the passenger must pay the above tax, duty and/or contribution directly at the place of service.

For Cancellation of Tours and/or Ground Transportation bookings: The COMPANY below describes their general cancellation policies, applicable for most tours and ground transportation services, however, there are providers who do not allow cancellation once the reservation has been confirmed. For those Providers that allow cancellation, the following policies will apply:
- Reservations cancelled 2 (two) to 0 (zero) days prior to the date of service will be subject to the policies of the Service Provider without guarantee of cancellation or refund, as these are subject to the decision of the Provider.
- Reservations cancelled 3 (three) days or more prior to the date of service will be refunded free of charge.
- In case of not showing up to receive your service (No show) it will not be refunded.

In cases where reimbursement is applicable in terms of these cancellation policies, reimbursement will be made using the method of payment used to purchase the services, the amount to be refunded will be reflected in your statement of account within the next 5-10 (five to ten) business days depending on the terms of your issuing Bank. THE COMPANY reserves the right to contract on your behalf, the services referred to and specified in these Terms and Conditions precisely in the quality and/or categories contracted as far as carriers are concerned, regardless of the ultimate provider of the services, unless it is expressly agreed that these will be provided invariably by a particular Supplier.In the event of modification of the direct service provider, it will be provided by another of equivalent quality, if you make use of the service, it will be understood that you have consented to such modification and no claim, compensation or reimbursement will be made. Once THE COMPANY receives from you the amount of the contracted services, be they terrestrial, tours or any other that THE COMPANY markets, these have the immediate authorization of you to issue, issue or acquire the tickets in your name, adhering to and accepting both THE COMPANY and You to the policies of cancellation, issue and sale of tickets of the End Providers of the Services and the Booking and Cancellation Policies of THE COMPANY.

I exempt and release THE COMPANY in the country in which it is located and/or in any foreign country from all liability with respect to: all those complaints, claims for reimbursement, medical care or any other type of legal action that demands damages and/or civil liability caused by any incident and/or accident that occurs in the development of the tourist service, tour and/or transfer, no reserving to me any action or right to claim from THE COMPANY, either now or in the future, the signing of this agreement being the most extensive release of liability agreement that is applicable under the law, by virtue of which the undersigned understands and accepts that THE COMPANY only acts as intermediaries in the marketing of the services, but does not operate or directly manage the tourist services and / or tours.

PROPERTY OF IDENTITY AND MARK. - You acknowledge that THE COMPANY has a license to use the trademarks registered or in the process of registration for the exclusive use of THE COMPANY. You agree not to alter THE COMPANY’s Industrial Property in any way, nor will you allow any action that may in any way impair, denigrate or diminish THE COMPANY’s Industrial Property Rights. You agree not to use THE COMPANY’s trademarks or trade names as domain names or register them as part of a domain name or place them as part of Internet Advertising without the prior written consent of THE COMPANY. THE COMPANY reserves the right to monitor the quality of the use of its Industrial Property, in addition, they will notify you immediately in writing if they become aware of the existence of any violation of its Industrial Property.Any inappropriate use of the content and of the Industrial Property is liable to violate Mexican and Foreign Industrial Property Laws, International Treaties, as well as rights established in the Civil, Penal and Commercial Code. If You make any improper use of the Content and Intellectual Property, THE COMPANY shall have the right to require You to stop using the Content that THE COMPANY deems infringes its Industrial Property rights. (b) cease to copy, reproduce, republish, upload, publish, transmit, distribute or modify the use of the Content and the Industrial Property Rights. (c) may require you to establish appropriate use of your Industrial Property Rights, or (d) may initiate legal proceedings necessary to defend your Industrial Property Rights.

ACATAMIENT OF THE REGULATIONS AND CONDITIONS OF THE SERVICES.- You undertake to comply with and respect the regulations and conditions of service, established by each of the Suppliers and direct providers of the services contracted by You through the intermediation of THE COMPANY, for which reason THE COMPANY must make known to you those that are more important, however, the Supplier may inform you of new or additional terms of service for which THE COMPANY has no responsibility, and consequently declines any liability that may arise from their non-compliance.

PRIVACY POLICIES. - You represent that you have read the Company’s PRIVACY AND SECURITY POLICY, the terms incorporated therein, and agree that the terms of such policy are reasonable. You consent to the use of your personal information by THE COMPANY and/or its third-party Suppliers and distributors in accordance with the terms of THE COMPANY’s Privacy Policy and for the purposes set out therein.

Both parties agree that the payment of the amount of the services covered by these Terms and Conditions by You, as well as the use of coupons, tickets, courtesies or any other document issued on Your behalf, implies Your full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

ADDITIONAL AGREEMENTS WITH PROVEORS. - THE COMPANY are relieved of any liability arising from additional agreements and outside the intermediation with THE COMPANY that have been concluded between You and other suppliers providing direct services, such as air and land carriers, shipping companies, cruise ships, hotels, car rental companies, etc.

SERVICES BY OR FOR THIRD PERSONS.- In the event that you hire the services of THE COMPANY on behalf of various travel agencies or any third party, acting as intermediaries, THE COMPANY will be relieved of any responsibility or problem generated by the breach of the intermediary or tour operator and, in the same sense, by data poorly provided by the intermediary or tour operator for the reservation of services or, due to the negligence that such intermediary may incur by omitting information to the User-Tourist or to You on the procedures for contracting, paying and cancelling the services that are being procured.
DESLIND OF RESPONSIBILITIES. - THE COMPANY as a tour operator, provide services as intermediary booking agents between You and the Direct Provider (s) of the tourist services. THE COMPANY establish commercial negotiations within its own standards of quality and service, such as, but not limited to: ground transportation and other related tourist activities such as tours and excursions, choosing only the most qualified and most prestigious Suppliers in the market. However, since the legal nature of THE COMPANY is that of acting solely and exclusively as INTERMEDIARY and not as direct providers of tourist services, THE COMPANY does not assume, and will not assume, any liability arising from any relationship between You and the final service providers and in turn, You release THE COMPANY from any liability for any failure or non-performance by the Direct Provider (s) of the tourism services, including without limitation any failure or non-performance by the Water Sports Providers, R & D agencies car dealers, transport agencies, tour operators, diving instructors, snorkeling instructors, golf instructors, dolphin swimming instructors, fishing instructors, adventure and extreme sports instructors, water parks, eco parks and in general on any failure or non-compliance by all those Turkish services which are provided directly by one or more Suppliers and not directly by THE COMPANY;however, THE COMPANY may at its own discretion provide you with contact details and/or address of the Supplier in order that you may exercise the respective claim that you deem necessary. THE COMPANY as Tour Operator and INTERMEDIARY booking agents, does not and will not offer any warranty on the services provided directly by the Providers, nor does it guarantee the financial position of the same or any reimbursement to You caused by any loss suffered as a result of the financial condition of said Provider, including without limitation, economic insolvency or competition As soon as said Supplier is declared.In the event that the Supplier fails to perform any of its services, for which You have already made the payment, the refund must be processed directly with the Supplier who failed to provide the service, or you may request insurance coverage if applicable, or with any other third party, unless the previous failure is directly caused by THE COMPANY. THE COMPANY does not assume any liability to You and You release THE COMPANY from any liability for acts, omissions or any type of complaint or dissatisfaction arising from the services provided by the Direct Service Providers, by virtue of which THE COMPANY has no control or legal relationship over your personnel, equipment, operations or property. In situations where the Provider fails to provide its services, You may seek any remedy permitted by applicable laws against the Provider. THE COMPANY guarantee that they have high standards of service and will take special care in the selection of the Suppliers to avoid failure at all times.

Likewise, THE COMPANY shall not be liable and You release THE COMPANY from any responsibility regarding:

(a) Any kind of failure on your part to follow travel instructions, including, but not limited to, coupon exchange policies, etc.;
(e) In the absence of financial conditions on the part of the Provider to provide the service.
(f) With respect to the terms and conditions and/or policies of the Direct Service Providers, THE COMPANY will not assume any liability and You release THE COMPANY from all liability, as well as from any claim, cost, expense or loss you may suffer including any personal or third party injury, accident or death, damage to personal belongings, loss of fun, anger, disillusionment, distress or frustration, whether mental or physical, provided that they result from:
I.- Any fault or fault on your part at the time of using the contracted services.
II.- Any failure or fault on the part of the Direct Provider in providing the service.
III.- Any failure or failure by You to observe or comply with the terms and conditions, policies, instructions, recommendations, safeguards, etc. of the End Service Providers.
II.- Cases of force majeure or fortuitous cases such as strikes, delays, earthquakes, war conflicts, hurricanes, snowfalls, etc., (which are not attributable to THE COMPANY).
III.- Illness, theft, labor disputes, mechanical failures, quarantine, government actions, weather or any other cause beyond the direct control of THE COMPANY.
IV.- Acts or omissions of any other person that is not THE COMPANY.
V.- Any other event that is not under the direct control of THE COMPANY. Any claim or written notice against THE COMPANY must be received no later than fourteen (14) days after your return from your trip; THE COMPANY reserves the right to refuse or conduct a commercial transaction with any User-Tourist at any time; THE COMPANY reserves the right to cancel or change the travel services at our discretion,but it will be necessary to replace them with comparable services; You will be responsible for verifying that the End Supplier has special services such as access, amenities and services for people with different abilities, physical or of any other type, which you are suggested to do before making your reservation. You will be responsible for reading and abiding by the terms and conditions and/or policies of the End Service Providers.
VI. At your insistence to make any type of trip, tourist activity, take a tour, excursion, take any type of transportation by land, sea or any type, under precarious health conditions or that are not optimal for the development of such activities, as well as the development by you of any type of extreme sports or activities that may involve some danger and that were carried out with your full knowledge or when you suffer have any kind of illness, disability, medical condition, any kind of allergy,is under medication or medical prescription, rest instructions and/or all medical conditions which were omitted at your own risk and which could result in a deterioration of your health at the time of conscientiously performing such activities. Under such occasions it will always be considered that they were made at your own risk, releasing THE COMPANY from any complaint, demand, non-conformity, reward, complaint, indemnity, compensation, courtesy, etc., arising from any incident caused during the development of any service or activity and any future event arising from the initial incident for any of these reasons.

The full refund will not be applicable in situations where the trip has to be cancelled, interrupted and/or postponed by THE COMPANY for reasons beyond its control (force majeure reasons such as, but not limited to, weather, hurricane, earthquakes, acts of terrorism, etc.), and where the contractual obligations of THE COMPANY with its Suppliers do not apply. allow them to obtain a refund of the amount paid or to be paid to the Supplier on behalf of the Customer.Despite the close communication established by THE COMPANY with the Suppliers advertised here, there is the possibility that the validity of some prices has expired or may be due to incorrect information provided by said Suppliers with which our database is fed. However, this, THE COMPANY takes the precaution to check the rates that apply with each reservation. In the event that the contracted services cannot be provided partially or completely by the Supplier, THE COMPANY may only on certain occasions manage on your behalf the reimbursement of the appropriate amount, being relieved THE COMPANY of any greater responsibility or commitment in cases where the reimbursement for the total or remaining amount is not reimbursed by the Supplier.
SESSION. - You may not assign, subcontract or delegate your rights, obligations or duties hereunder.

TITLES. - The headings used in the Terms and Conditions are for your convenience only and will not limit or otherwise affect the content of the Terms and Conditions set forth herein.

DIVISIBILITY. - These Terms and Conditions will continue to be divisible. In the event that any Terms or Conditions are deemed prohibited or unenforceable, such provision shall nevertheless be binding and such determination shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other remaining provision.

LEGISLATION IMPLEMENTING IN GENERAL. - These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the applicable country or state. You declare that you are aware of the scope of this Agreement, the Terms and Conditions of which are the faithful expression of your will.

In the case of Redsa Travel Operadora Turística, S.A de C.V. submit, in the event of non-compliance or interpretation, to the competence of the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office, in administrative proceedings, as a conciliation body, to resolve any differences that may arise, and in the event of the same, You agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Laws and the Courts of Cancun, Quintana Roo, under its exclusive jurisdiction, renouncing in turn any other jurisdiction that might be applicable to it by reason of its present or future domicile or by reason of the location of its property or nationality.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, no complaint, claim or cause of action relating to your access to or use of this site shall be filed after the expiration of 1 (one) year from the date on which such complaint, claim or action was filed or the purchase was completed.

AGREE. - These Terms and Conditions or referred to herein constitute the entire and complete agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter set forth herein, and supersede any prior agreement or contract made between the parties (whether oral or written) that relates to the same subject matter and will not be amended or modified except if made in writing or by making such amendments or modifications available on this site.