Cancelation Policies

Without exception, no refund or coupon replacement will be provided without presentation of the original coupon. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the start of the purchased service, otherwise no refunds will be accepted. Cancellations made by third parties will not be accepted. There are no cancellations and/or refunds for combos or packages. For a cancellation due to illness requested with less than 24 hours before the service is performed, medical evidence must be presented, without exception, with the professional card and the signature of the doctor certifying the passenger’s inability to attend the service purchased; the date of incapacity must be the same date on which the service was scheduled.Receipts for the purchase of medicines are not accepted as medical evidence for incapacity effects. Reimbursement shall be made only by the person presenting the medical prescription. In the case of groups, it will apply the same policy. In some ecological reserves and/or national parks, additional local taxes, fees and/or contributions are charged, not included in the value of the service shown on the voucher. In such cases, the passenger must pay directly on the site of the service, the above-mentioned tax, duty and/or contribution.
I exempt and release The Companies in the country where they are located and/or in any foreign country from all liability with respect to: all complaints, claims for reimbursement, medical care or any other type of legal action that demands damages and/or civil liability arising from any incident and/or accident that occurs in the course of the tourist service, tour and/or transfer. not reserving any action or right to claim from the Companies, either now or in the future, the signing of this agreement being the most extensive release of liability agreement that is applicable under the law, by virtue of which the undersigned understands and accepts that The Companies only act as intermediaries in the marketing of the services, but do not operate or directly manage the tourist services and/or tours.
By purchasing the tourist services, I agree to the following terms and conditions which will be available on the following link: